Introducing Reach IT - HRIS

A human resource information system (HRIS) is software that provides a centralized repository of employee master data that the human resource management (HRM) group needs for completing core human resource (core HR) processes. An HRIS can help HR and organizations become more efficient through the use of technology..

We can customize as per your requirment.

About Us

From its inception to the present, our team has been able to become one of the most trusted HRIS processing firms in the world providing the highest and highest quality System and services because of our policies that always prioritize personal needs.It is guaranteed that our path to success was bulit and will build because of the victory of individuals. We are proud to say that the REACH IT is a fair, reliable, prompt, responsive and honest company.

We have experianced Staff to handle all software solutions.

Reach IT Profile

We always provide high quality services at all levels, while maintaining a high level of authenticity of all documents and ensuring high quality and reliable service to our clients. We believe in providing consistent HR processing for all system and will strictly adhere to its policies in assessing the eligibility for individual HR services..

System allows access to all our portals.

Our Staff

All Staff Members Has to enter the leave and the In/Out time and get the approval from the divisional head. Any informaion required by the staff from HR divion also has to be requested through the system portal given to the staff and user id /Password will be given by the HR division.

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